Connecting Minds in Social Neuroendocrinology and Evolution

Wednesday June 29th, 2016 9AM-12PM,

Westin Bayshore Hotel

When registering for HBES 2016, you will be given the option to add on registration to this free pre-conference. You can also register for this pre-conference on it’s own without registering for HBES.

Connect with HBES researchers investigating the social influences and effects of hormones in the context of human evolution. The free event will begin with presentations from  Dr. Steven Gangestad, Distinguished Professor, University of New Mexico and Jennifer Hahn-Holbrook, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Chapman University, who will give us an overview of their current research and discuss some issues related to conducting research connecting hormones and social behaviour from an evolutionary perspective. A datablitz session will follow, where six students and/or early career researchers will provide brief research talks, followed by an opportunity to network and receive feedback on their research. All students, post-docs, and early career researchers working in the field of social neuroendocrinology are encouraged to attend this pre conference and datablitz session. Seating is limited to 80 attendees.

Cross­-cultural and developmental perspectives on the evolution of human behaviour and cognition

Tuesday June 28th, 2016 8:30AM-5PM,

SFU Harbour Centre, Joseph & Rosalie Segal Centre
Rooms 1400-1430
515 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC

Human development is a dynamic process that gives rise to both universal and variable patterns of human behavior across populations. Questions about the forces shaping human developmental processes and outcomes lie at the disciplinary intersection of fields such as psychology, biology, and anthropology. Harvesting theoretical insights and tools from a range of different disciplines is absolutely essential for understanding how human development is influenced by both evolved cognitive adaptations, and by cultural learning and socialization practices. That is, the integration of ultimate and proximate levels in explaining human development is a challenge that calls for cross­disciplinary collaborations as well as diversity in theoretical perspectives and methodological tools.

In this HBES pre-conference workshop, we aim to bring together researchers who apply adaptationist, cross­-cultural, and behavioral ecological perspectives on the study of human development. The primary goal is to discuss the theoretical and methodological challenges arising from such work and to provide opportunities for exchanging ideas and learning about different methodologies. There will also be ample room for discussion after talks and during smaller break­out sessions to allow workshop participants to actively voice their ideas, concerns, and suggestions of how to move this work forward. A secondary goal of the workshop is to help build a vibrant community of cross­cultural developmental researchers, both by providing opportunities to meet colleagues, and a survey of the cross­cultural research to be presented at the conference. A third goal is to focus attention on the needs of junior scholars (students, post­docs, and early­mid career faculty), and in particular to facilitate student participation and networking.

Confirmed speakers:

Tanya Broesch, Department of Psychology, Simon Frasier University

Alyssa Crittenden, Department of Anthropology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Kiley Hamlin, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia

Gilda Morelli, Lynch School of Education, Boston College

Cristina Moya, Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University

Anthea Pun, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia