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Member Benefits

Members of HBES get a free subscription to Evolution and Human Behavior, the official journal of the Human Behavior & Evolution Society. Members who join any time in during the year will get the entire volume for that year (see information below). In addition, HBES members receive a reduced subscription rate for Human Nature (click on "Special rate for society members" in right-hand navigation menu), are entitled to reduced HBES conference fees, are eligible to vote in elections, and have full access to our web site HBES.COM where they can download our bi-annual HBES newsletter, search the member database, modify your academic and research profiles, etc.

Member Access to Evolution & Human Behavior

HBES members now have full electronic access (even if your institution doesn't subscribe) to current and archived (since 1998) volumes of Evolution and Human Behavior.

To access the journal, type in your name and password in the appropriate boxes (upper right side of the screen). Your name is your first initial (capitalized) and your last name. The first two letters must be capitalized. For example, John Doe would log in as: JDoe. If you are asked for a member number, it is on the mailing label of your journal wrapper. It is a 7-8 digit sequence such as: 1010101-1. You will need to wait get your first issue in the mail to obtain this number. Delivery of the first issue and/or back issues generally takes a month after you have joined HBES.

If you have correctly entered the information above, but are still having difficulty accessing the journal online (and have already received your first printed issue of Evolution and Human Behavior in the mail), please email the HBES Treasurer Raymond Hames at rhames[at] to make sure your membership is current. If he indicates that your HBES membership is current, email Elsevier's Society Coordinator Frances Canupp at F.Canupp[at] to activate on-line access.