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  • Behaviour 2013
    Joint meeting of the 33rd International Ethological Conference and the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour takes place August 4–8 2013 in NewcastleGateshead, UK

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  • NEScent-funded working group: Infusing Evolutionary Thinking into Medical Education
    We are looking for people with a PhD in human biology with good training in evolutionary thinking who are now practicing Physicians or training to be one. If you know of such PhDs or other graduate students who went off to med school, please ask them to email Andrew Read ( or Gillian Bentley ( If you have lost contact, please email us their name and any contact details as you have (which medical school, when?), and we'll try to track them down. We are interested in all ages, all countries, and any area of evolutionarily-oriented studies. At this point we just want to discuss our working group topic with medical trainees and professionals who have advanced evolutionary research training. But we might also try to grow this into an ongoing network to further broader professional interests.
  • Special issue on evolutionary psychology
    Recently, a landmark event occurred in the field of evolution and human behavior. For the first time in the history of the field, an American Psychological Association (APA) journal has devoted a Special Issue to evolutionary psychology. The journal is Developmental Psychology and the issue is: “Beyond Mental Health: An Evolutionary Analysis of Development under Risky and Supportive Environmental Conditions” (Eds.: B.J. Ellis & D.F. Bjorklund). Please click here for The Table of Contents.

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