The Human Behavior and Evolution Society (HBES) is a society for all those studying the evolution of human behavior. Scientific perspectives range from evolutionary psychology to evolutionary anthropology and cultural evolution. The society’s worldwide membership includes researchers from a range of disciplines in the social and biological sciences.

HBES hosts an annual conference that provides a forum exploring current research in the field. The conference offers invited plenary presentations from leading scientists.

The official journal of HBES is Evolution and Human Behavior, an interdisciplinary journal presenting research reports and theory in which evolutionary perspectives are brought to bear on the study of human behavior.

HBES provides the Early Career Award and the Lifetime Award for Distinguished Scientific Contribution. The Margo Wilson Award is an annual award made by the editors of Evolution and Human Behavior for best paper published in the journal in the previous year. Three further awards are made during the annual conference, the New Investigator Award, the Post-Doctoral Research Award and the Best Poster Award.

HBES provides two types of grants, General Funding Grant and Student Funding Grant for guest speaker to subsidize costs associated with hosting events and other educational opportunities related to the mission of HBES.

HBES members enjoy…

Our General Funding Grant is aimed at supporting junior scholars. Have an evolutionary-focused event that you want us to support? The next deadline for proposals is May 1.

#HBES2020 speaker spotlight!

Dr. Debra Lieberman is an Assoc. Prof @univmiami & Editor in Chief of our journal @EvolHumBehav. She will be giving a plenary address at HBES "How do humans detect kin?" She also studies cooperation, disgust & morality.

Brunel University London is recruiting for multiple positions at the @CCE_Brunel in the areas of cross-cultural psychology, individual differences, behavioural ecology, evolutionary anthropology, and/or evolutionary psychology.