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Aaron Goetz United States California State University, Fullerton / Department of Psychology
Aaron Lukaszewski United States California State University, Fullerton / Department of Psychology
Achim Schützwohl United Kingdom Brunel University / Centre for Culture and Evolution
Alan Fiske United States University of California, Los Angeles / Department of Anthropology
Alan Rogers United States University of Utah / Department of Anthropology
Alex Bentley United States University of Tennessee Knoxville / Department of Anthropology
Alyssa Crittenden United States University of Nevada, Las Vegas / Department of Anthropology
Anastasia Makhanova United States University of Arkansas / Psychological Science
Andreas Wilke United States Clarkson University / Department of Psychology
Andrew C. Gallup United States SUNY Polytechnic Institute / Department of Psychology
Andrew Marshall United States University of California, Davis / Department of Anthropology, Evolutionary Wing
Anne Fernald United States Stanford University / Department of Psychology
Annie Wertz Germany Max Planck Institute: Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition
Anthony Volk Canada Brock University / Department of Child and Youth Studies
Ara Norenzayan Canada University of British Columbia / Department of Psychology
Aurelio Jose Figueredo United States University of Arizona / Department of Psychology / Graduate Program in Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology
Barry S. Hewlett United States Washington State University / Department of Anthropology
Ben Jones United Kingdom University of Glasgow / Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology
Bettina Shell-Duncan United States University of Washington / Department of Anthropology
Bobbi Low United States University of Michigan / School of Natural Resources and Environment
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