General Funding Grant

HBES is pausing our General Funding Grants. As HBES President Clark Barrett described at #HBES2024, Elsevier plans to reduce our royalties, which leaves us less money to fund subsidiary activities such as subsidizing regional meetings. HBES will honour any commitments it has made for previous grants, but we are currently unable to fund new ones. Negotiations are ongoing, but we will inform everyone if/when we can resume these grants. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The General Funding Grants were intended to subsidize costs to HBES Members who host events such as conferences and pre-conference meetings, workshops, guest speakers, and other activities or educational opportunities related to the mission of HBES. Before this program was paused, the proposal deadlines were May 1 and October 1 yearly. We will announce if/when we can resume these grants.

HBES will fund proposals from HBES Members of up to $5,500 (we do not fund honoraria).

Priority is given to proposals that:

  1. have a broad, wide-reaching impact either to existing HBES members or as outreach to attract new researchers to the field;
  2. benefit junior scholars (especially students); and
  3. support is not easily available through other channels.

Proposals are reviewed twice per year by the Executive Council, after the May 1 and October 1 deadlines.

Proposals that receive majority support by the Council are eligible for funding. If the funds requested from eligible proposals exceed the HBES budget, the Council will rank applications based on the criteria described above. The Council might also decide to partially fund proposals.

To be eligible, applicants must be current, active members of HBES. Funding is limited to one funded proposal per institution, per year.

Applicants will be notified by the HBES president via email after a decision has been reached.

Proposals can be no more than three (3) pages in length (single spaced, 11+ pt. font). The proposal should include the following information:

  • A description of the event/activity
  • How the event/activity supports an evolutionary understanding of humans in accord with the mission of HBES
  • A description of the audience, participants, and venue (as applicable)
  • How the event benefits HBES members and/or functions as outreach to attract researchers to HBES and its mission. Please include an outreach plan to HBES members and broader scholarly and public communities (examples: social media announcements, flyers or website links for the HBES website, video or livestreaming links to the event (if possible), information for how members can attend in person or virtually (where relevant)).
  • If funding from HBES has been obtained previously for a similar event (e.g., annual preconferences), a brief report of the most recent event
  • A justified budget outlining (1) specifically how the funds will be used, and (2) evidence or funding or support from another body (if applicable)
  • If relevant, appendices may also be included as supplementary information for review (e.g., tentative conference itineraries or programs, educational materials, etc.).

Proposals must be submitted ONLINE by May 1st or October 1st. Late submissions will be returned without review or postponed for review until the following deadline at the council’s discretion.

The applicant is required to submit a written report, no more than two pages in length (single spaced, 11+ pt. font) following the event. The report should include:

  1. a summary of the event and
  2. a description of the participants and/or audience.

Supplementary information (e.g., photos, advertisements, solicited feedback, etc) can be included as appendixes, and will not count toward the 2-page maximum.

Reports should be submitted by email to the HBES president at as a single email attachment within one (1) month of the event.