Contact the Grievance Committee

Individuals who experience or observe offensive or abusive behavior while at HBES events are encouraged to come forward and to use this form to report their experience to the HBES Grievance Committee (GC). This includes any form of harassment, as well as unequal treatment of any person based on their age, gender, race, gender identity or sexual orientation, or for any other reason unrelated to scientific merit.

Below, we provide a form for you to contact the GC. You may also contact the GC or individual GC members individually via email, in-person, or in any way you wish.

The Grievance Committee members are: Elizabeth Cashdan, Catherine Salmon, Jaimie Krems, Karthik Panchanathan, Nina Rodriguez (Student Representative), Michael Barlev, Martin Daly. The GC possesses diversity in age, career-level, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. They will work together to resolve issues whenever possible. The information on this form, or other contact you have with individual GC members pertinent to complaints, will be reported to all members of the GC, who will keep your identity confidential. The GC may share the information (a) with only the Executive Council if you decide to make a formal complaint, and/or (b) to other officials only if required by law. In cases of conflict (e.g., dealing with the spouse, mentor, or mentee of a GC member), the GC member(s) in question will be recused from the resolution process.

Completing this form does not commit you to any particular course of action, and you are encouraged to discuss all options with the GC. Even if you choose to pursue no further action, your complaint will be be logged and addressed by the Committee, who will keep your identity confidential. After your form is received, a GC member will contact you to discuss possible next steps.

To help us resolve issues quickly and thoroughly, please provide as much information as you can, including the nature of the offense, the time and place, and the names of the people involved.

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