27th annual HBES Conference

University of Missouri
May 27–30, 2015
Keynote: Bernard Chapais: Phylogeny and the evolutionary analysis of human behavior
Plenary Speakers:
Raymond Hames: An Assessment of Inclusive Fitness Theory in Humans
Richard McElreath: The evolution of statistical methods for studying human evolution
Lisa DeBruine: How do humans recognize kin?
Gregory Clark: The Intergenerational Transmission of Social Status
Alison Gopnik: Why Childhood?
Daniel Nettle: The consequences of early-life adversity: Comparative evidence from humans and birds
Christopher Kuzawa: Brain energetics and the evolution of human childhood
New Investigator Award: Rita McNamara
Postdoctoral Award: Nicole Creanza
Poster Award: Samantha Cohen, Peter M. Todd, Justin Garcia & Helen Fisher. Poster title: Temporal Reproductive pressures on Human Sexual Strategies in a Large, Representative Dataset
Program (2MB)