HBES’s Roundtable Seminar Series

This series is an opportunity for HBES members to engage with experts on topics in the evolutionary behavioral sciences. Each virtual session will feature a panel of speakers answering questions from a moderator and live audience. Join us each month to discuss the big questions facing our field. Live sessions on Crowdcast are open to registered HBES members only, but a recording will be made publicly available on Youtube after the event. HBES members will be emailed with login information before each session. If you have any questions about this event, please contact the event coordinators at hbesroundtableseries@gmail.com.

To attend the livestream, HBES members will need a password, which will be emailed to HBES members’ email accounts the week of each event. You can follow the Crowdcast account for additional updates and reminders.

Please be advised that this is an official HBES event and the society’s Code of Conduct applies.

Topic: The Evolution of Human Personality
Speakers: David Schmitt, Aaron Lukaszewski, Julia Stern, and Alexander Weiss
Moderator: Dario Maestripieri
Date: Monday, September 27
Time: 3-4:15pm EST

Topic: The Evolution of Punishment

Speakers: Nichola Raihani, Max Krasnow, Katherine McAuliffe, & Jillian Jordan

Moderator: Pat Barclay

Date: Thursday May 6th 2021

Time: 10:30am-11:45am EST

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Topic: Teaching and Cumulative Culture

Speakers: Michelle Sugiyama, Maxime Derex, Cristine Legare & Sheina Lew-Levy

Moderator: Kevin Laland

Date: Thursday March 25th 2021

Time: 11:00am-12:15pm EST

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Topic: Pathogens and Social Behavior

Speakers: Josh Tybur, Lisa DeBruine, Randy Thornill, & Daniel Hruschka

Moderator: Deb Lieberman

Date: Thursday March 4th 2021

Time: 12:30-1:45pm EST

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Topic: The Origins of Political Orientation and Partisanship

Speakers: Michael Bang Petersen, Hugo Mercier, Rose McDermott, John Jost

Moderated by: Andrew Delton

Date: Thursday December 17th 2020

Time: 2pm – 3:15pm EST

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Topic: Life History Theory as Applied to Inter-Individual Variation

Speakers: Marco Del Giudice, Keelah Williams, Daniel Nettle, and Rebecca Sear

Moderated by: Willem Frankenhuis

Date: Tuesday, November 17th

Time: 12 to 1:15 EST.

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Topic: Beyond WEIRD: A Decade Later: Population Diversity in the Evolutionary Study of Human Behavior

Speakers: Clark Barrett, Dorsa Amir, Joseph Henrich, and Brooke Scelza

Moderated by: Coren Apicella

Date: Thursday, October 29

Time: 12 to 1:15 EST.

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