A Letter from the Editor, Deb Lieberman

There are a few updates I’d like to share with the HBES membership. We are awaiting publication of the final issue of 2020, the Special Issue on Life History Theory, edited by Willem Frankenhuis and Daniel Nettle. This was a tremendous effort and I’d like to thank both Willem and Dan, the contributors, and all the reviewers who have helped create a fantastic special issue. There are some new EHB projects in the planning stages and I will provide updates in forthcoming newsletters.

As some have already noticed, EHB is moving toward a policy in which authors are required to provide their (anonymized) data and materials via links to online repositories or as supplemental online materials. The purpose of this is to aid the review process and to ensure the replicability of empirical design. To this end, we have updated the Guide to Authors and submission portal to reflect these changes. Specifically, during the submission process, authors will be asked to answer new questions relating to whether/how they have made their data and materials available.

In an ongoing effort, we are working to streamline the submission process. Rather than submitting figures and tables as separate files during the review phase, authors are now asked to provide a single pdf file of their manuscript, preferably with tables and figures placed in the text where they are mentioned. During the production phase, authors will be asked to upload their figures and tables separately. Thank you for your patience as we complete some of these updates. As always, if you have suggestions for improvement, I am all ears.

Last, but certainly not least, it is with heavy heart that we say farewell to three members of the editorial team: Willem Frankenhuis, Rebecca Sear, and Josh Tybur. All three have substantially improved the quality of the journal and the editorial process over the past almost decade (gulp!). I am incredibly lucky to have worked with them and wish them much success with the projects/sleep/papers/grants/home-schooling that they can now focus on with their new-found time. In all seriousness, they leave large shoes to fill and will be sorely missed. Please join me in thanking them for their many years of service to our field.


Deb Lieberman

Editor-in-Chief, Evolution and Human Behavior