31st Annual Human Behavior & Evolution Society meeting – Boston Deadlines!

The abstract submission deadline for HBES 2019 is Feb 22nd. Click here to link directly to the submission page.

Also, early-bird registration ends on Feb 28th. After the 28th, prices will increase. Register now!

See you in Boston!

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31st Annual Human Behavior & Evolution Society meeting (Boston)

The HBES 2019 website is now live (http://meetatbu.com/hbes19). We are excited to hear talks from a great slate of plenaries, including Steve Gaulin, Michele Gelfand, Hopi Hoekstra, Ed Hagen, & Polly Wiessner. Our newly minted lifetime career award winner, David Buss, will deliver the keynote address.

This year we will have three pre-conference sessions to choose from (on open science, social neuroendocrinology, and integrated approaches to research on culture). We are also happy to announce that this year the conference will help coordinate onsite childcare (supported in part by generous funding from the society). Register for that, along with the conference, pre-conference sessions, banquet and BBQ on the conference website. And, make sure to register before February 28th to get early bird pricing!

As in years past, the society will be sponsoring student-member registration and housing (first come / first served, until funds run out). Student-members who register by February 28th will get registration for free. And, while funding is left, student-members will get a 50% discounted rate on dorm housing (usually $88/night). So, register early!

The deadline to submit an abstract for consideration is February 22nd (200 words max). This year we will be trying out the ‘datablitz‘ talk format (5 minutes, data heavy) in addition to standard symposium talks. You can indicate your order of preference for how you want your abstract considered on the website, as well as submit a manuscript for consideration for new investigator or postdoctoral award.

Send your questions to hbes2019@hbes.com, or tweet the organizers @hbes2019

See you in Boston!

~Carolyn Hodges-Simeon, Danielle Truxaw & Max Krasnow (2019 organizers)


September 9-12, 2019

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal


We invite scholars from A(rcheology) to Z(oology) to contribute data, experimental and theoretical research

The 2019 conference additionally calls out for contributions on the following 5 themes:

  1. Paleolithic Cosmologies: How Hominins conceptualized Matter, Space/Ecology, Time, Words & Numbers
  2. Defining Protolanguage and the Biological, Cognitive, and Cultural Mechanisms and Processes whereby it evolved
  3. History, Philosophy and Methodologies to Study Primate and Human Cognition, Communication & Culture
  4. Multimodal Theories in Primate Communication and (Proto)Language
  5. Modelling of Language Evolution (trees, networks, agent and population dynamics)

17th Annual Evolutionary Psychology Preconference at SPSP

We would like to invite you to attend the 17th Annual Evolutionary Psychology Preconference at SPSP this year. This year will feature a truly fantastic line-up of speakers: Steven Gangestad, Coren Apicella, Jennifer Byrd-Craven, Michael Varnum, Annie Wertz, and Adar Eisenbruch.

NEW THIS YEAR, we also welcome evolutionary psychologists from Facebook for an informal break-out lunch session on evolutionary research in industry.

We are now accepting submissions for data blitz talks and posters until November 1. Researchers at any level are welcome to submit. Submit via our homepage.

Come join us as a guest or presenter! Undergraduates, graduate students, and now postdoctoral scholars will receive a $20 discount on registration using code “19EvoStu20“, and faculty will receive a $10 discount on registration using code “19EvoAll10“, thanks to the Human Behavior and Evolution Society.)

Any questions? Just ask!

Jaimie Arona Krems (jaimie.krems@okstate.edu) & Eric Pedersen (Eric.J.Pedersen@colorado.edu)


HBES 2018 programme change

The plenary talk by Toby Kiers will take place on Thursday (5 July 2018) at 16:10. There will be no morning plenary session that day.


Poster Guidelines for HBES 2018

We have now finalized the guidelines for poster presentations at HBES 2018 in Amsterdam. You can find them here.

2nd Javea Workshop on Social and Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary and Social Psychology: Confrontation, Interaction and Integration

Dates: 28th of June (arrival and welcome dinner) – 1st of July 2018, a couple of days before the HBES conference in Amsterdam. There are many direct flights from Amsterdam to Alicante, the airport closest to Javea.
Organizing universities: University of Groningen and IDOCAL, University of Valencia

Number of participants: minimally 15, maximally 20

Scientific committee:
Douglas T. Kenrick, Arizona State University, USA
MartieHaselton, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Thomas Pollet, University of Newcastle, UK
José Maria Peiro,University of Valencia, Spain
Abraham P. Buunk, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Local organizer: Abraham P. Buunk, a.p.buunk@rug.nl

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Early Registration for HBES 2018 ends today at midnight

Early registration for HBES 2018 in Amsterdam will end today at midnight Amsterdam time. A small percentage of people may experience technical difficulties when trying to pay with a credit card. Our suggestion is that you try a different card, emptying cookies in your browser or using a different browser. Also feel free to contact us at hbes2018@gmail.com.

International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health: Park City, Utah, August 1-4, 2018

The International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health is announcing our 4th annual meeting this year in spectacular Park City, Utah, August 1-4, 2018. This interdisciplinary conference is an opportunity for psychologists, anthropologists, biologists, students, clinicians and public health professionals (and more) to share their research and advance the goals of the society: to use evolutionary insights to improve medical research and practice and to advance evolutionary biology.

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