Now accepting nominations for the HBES Early Career Award (due April 14)

The HBES Early Career Award for Distinguished Scientific Contribution recognizes excellent young scientists who have made distinguished theoretical and/or empirical contributions to the study of evolution and human behavior. The nomination letter should include the following information:

  • What are the general themes of the nominee’s major lines of research?
  • What are the important research findings discovered by the nominee?
  • To what extent have the nominee’s contributions generated research in the field?

Nominations for the HBES Early Career Award should include a statement about the worthiness of the nominee, curriculum vita of the nominee, a recent complete bibliography, and no more than five reprints representative of the nominee’s contributions. Please note: The award is subject to the following limitation: The nominee must be no more than 10 years post-Ph.D.

Nominations are due to by 14 April 2018.

Now accepting nominations for the HBES Lifetime Career Award (due April 14)

Nominations are open for the HBES Lifetime Career award. If you wish to nominate someone, please follow these guidelines. Nominations for these awards should include a letter of nomination, a curriculum vita, a recent complete bibliography, up to five representative reprints and the names and addresses of several scientists familiar with the nominee’s work.

  • What has been the significant and enduring influence of the nominee’s research?
  • What historical contribution has the nominee’s research made to the field?
  • Compare the nominee with others in her/his field.
  • What influence has the nominee had on students and others in the same field of study?
  • Where possible, please identify the nominee’s students by name.

Nominations are due to by 14 April 2018.

HBES Fellows

We are happy to announce the introduction of HBES Fellows to recognize those members who have made substantial contributions to the Society in service and scholarship over the course of their career. Criteria and nomination procedures (due May 1st) are described below.

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Margo Wilson Award Runners Up (now open access)

As announced at the conference in Boise, the decision regarding the Margo Wilson Award for this year was a very difficult one. Here are three runners up for this award, all of which have now been made open access through the ehbonline web site. Congratulations to all of these authors!

Gangestad, S. W., Haselton, M. G., Welling, L. L., Gildersleeve, K., Pillsworth, E. G., Burriss, R. P., Larson, C. M., & Puts, D. A. (2016). How valid are assessments of conception probability in ovulatory cycle research? Evaluations, recommendations, and theoretical implications. Evolution and Human Behavior37(2), 85-96. [pdf]

Ross, C. T., Mulder, M. B., Winterhalder, B., Uehara, R., Headland, J., & Headland, T. (2016). Evidence for quantity–quality trade-offs, sex-specific parental investment, and variance compensation in colonized Agta foragers undergoing demographic transition. Evolution and Human Behavior37(5), 350-365. [pdf]

Syme, K. L., Garfield, Z. H., & Hagen, E. H. (2016). Testing the bargaining vs. inclusive fitness models of suicidal behavior against the ethnographic record. Evolution and Human Behavior, 37(3), 179-192. [pdf]

Rob Kurzban, Editor-in-Chief, E&HB

HBES Award Nominations Open

Nominations are now open for the HBES Lifetime Career and Early Career awards.  If you wish to nominate someone, please follow the guidelines on the relevant link above and send materials by May 1, 2016, to Elizabeth Cashdan at