Call for Data: Meta-Analysis on Personality, Intelligence, Physical Size, and Social Status

Michael Grosz, Robbie van Aert, and Mitja Back are currently conducting a meta-analysis on correlations of personality traits, cognitive abilities, physical size with social status in face-to-face groups (including social influence, attention, admiring respect, popularity, and leadership emergence).

Inclusion criteria:
•We include only studies with groups that had face-to-face contact.
•We include studies that measured the following social status variables: social influence, attention, admiring respect, leadership emergence, likeability (popularity) or the like.
We do not include studies that measured socioeconomic status (income, education, wealth) , formal status positions in organizations (CEO, manager, formal leadership position), or occupational prestige.
•We do not include studies that measured only self-reported social status variables.
•Studies should have additionally measured personality (e.g., Big Five, Dark Triad, personal values, altruism), cognitive abilities (objectively assessed), or physical size (e.g., height, muscularity).
•Participants’ average age should be 16 years or older.

They would be very grateful if you could e-mail unpublished or recently published studies and data to You can find further information and the inclusion criteria at