Call for Studies: Meta-Analysis on self-percieved mate value and socio-sexual orientation (SOI) in men

Dear researchers, colleagues, and students,

Our team is conducting a meta-analysis on self-perceived mate value and socio-sexual orientation (SOI) in men. We are looking for any published or unpublished studies (e.g., manuscripts, doctoral dissertations, file drawer) or data on this topic.

Specifically, we are looking for studies that include:

  1. Any measure of self-perceived mate value. These may include the Self-Perceived Mate Value scales, the Mate Value Scale, or other measures of self-perceived attractiveness.
  2. Socio-sexual orientation (SOI or SOI-R) or Short-Term Mating Orientation

If you have any work on this topic, we would like include it in our analyses. Please send the study information (i.e. manuscripts, correlation and Ns of your studies, or raw data) at your earliest convenience, or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have to

Ideally, we’d like to receive responses by July 26th, 2019. We understand that our request requires some effort; however, we would be very grateful if you were willing to help us out. We will cite all contributions appropriately in our paper.


Thank-you for your help in doing good science!

Amanda Rotella, Jessica Desrochers, and Steven Arnocky

University of Guelph and Nipissing University