Childcare at HBES 2024 Aarhus

Dear HBES members,

We are pleased to announce that HBES will be offering a childcare option for parents attending the HBES 2024 conference in Aarhus. The Society has contracted with the Nanny Agency, based in Copenhagen and Aarhus, to provide childcare services:

The hourly rate for childcare will be $20 USD during the day from 8am-7pm. There is also a possibility of childcare during the evening at a higher rate.

We will ask HBES attendees to sign up for child care by April 15 in order for the Agency to be able to guarantee the required staff and hours. By that date, we will ask parents to commit to their preferred childcare schedule (dates and times) and pay for the hours specified in that schedule.

For parents traveling with children, HBES strongly recommends that parents obtain travel insurance for themselves and their children, in order to have full coverage for possible accidents and hospitalization. The childcare agency has required liability coverage under Danish law, but it is limited to accidents caused by agency staff during hours of supervision.

As part of the registration process, HBES will provide a portal for parents to register and pay for childcare service. Stay tuned!