Evolutionary Development Pre-Conference at SRCD

Evolutionary Development Pre-conference at the 2019 meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development! 

The Evolutionary Development Pre-conference will serve as a forum for exposing SRCD members to an explicitly evolutionary-oriented approach, highlighting research from a broad range of fields such as, anthropology, ecology, and biology—fields for which many members of SRCD have limited exposure.

This pre-conference will feature speakers from a range of disciplines and career stages, and will focus on research on life history strategy and the evolutionary importance of unpredictable and adverse early environments on development. After the presentations, the chairs will lead a structured discussion on implications of this research for policy and treatment as well as directions for future research.

Speakers Include: 

Andrew Dismukes, Penn State University
Sarah Hill, Texas Christian University
Gabriel Schlomer, University at Albany, SUNY
Sarah Hartman, University of California, Davis

Registration for the preconference is $20 for faculty (all ranks) and $1 for trainees (students and post-docs).

You can register here: https://www.srcd2019evodevopreconf.com