Funded Post-Doc Position at UNSW Sydney

Postdoc Position – UNSW Sydney – Effects of Inequality on Behaviours Relates to Sex and Gender

We are looking to appoint a postdoc for 2.25 years to work with us on an Australian Research Council funded project – “How Inequalities affect attitudes and behaviours concerning sex and gender”.

The work includes online experiments and may include face-to-face experiments to test hypotheses about the effects of income and gender inequality on a range of gendered behaviours as well as attitudes concerning sex and gender. It will also include opportunities to collaborate on studies of ecological variation in social media, and there will be scope for the appointee to design and conduct other studies related to the area of research.

You could start as early as May or as late as October – the important thing for us is to get the right person.
The two Chief Investigators on this project (Rob Brooks and Khandis Blake) are based in Sydney and Melbourne respectively, but have a long track record of collaboration. We want to appoint somebody who can work with us both, and with members of our labs, helping us build the next phase of our collaboration.

In our imagination, the ideal appointee will have experience running psychology experiments, including Qualtrics skills. They will have some academic understanding of evolution and a willingness to work across both evolutionary and gender psychology with a commitment to using experiments and data to test hypotheses. They will have some experience with OpenScience and a willingness to work in that framework. And they are adept at writing, speaking, planning, and communicating with colleagues.

You might have only some of these arrows in your quiver, but still be what we are looking for. So please head to the UNSW Human Resources Website ( and have a look at the criteria. Then apply online.

If you have informal questions about the position, the labs, or anything else, please let us know by email. (But please don’t send us your application by email).