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HBES 2019 Boston: Post-Conference Survey Results

Dear HBES Members:

Thank you to everyone who filled out the post-conference survey for HBES 2019 in Boston.  The results – including the many insightful comments and suggestions – were very helpful, and the council will be using them to improve our annual conference moving forward. Below, we have included some highlights from the survey spanning the range of topics you provided feedback on.

Some context about the survey: The HBES post-conference survey was first sent out to the membership list on June 26, 2019, with a reminder email sent out on July 8, 2019. The survey was closed on July 24, 2019. The survey received 198 engagements. The Boston conference had registered 489 attendees and our 2019 society membership prior to the Boston conference had 591 members. Thus, the survey gathered about one third of the HBES membership.

Questions about the survey can be directed to Nicole Barbaro (Communications Officer) and Leda Cosmides (President).


The Executive Council of HBES


What does the HBES 2019 membership look like?

Our polled membership is approximately 39% female, 59% male, 2% another gender identity. Additionally, 70% report working/residing in the United States, and 30% report working/residing outside the United States.


In what departments do our members work?


For what reasons are you a member of HBES?


How satisfied are members with our Code of Conduct?


Sexual Harassment at HBES 2019

85% of respondents thought sexual harassment was not a problem, or less of a problem at HBES than at other conferences; 96% thought it was less than or equal to that at other conferences. Five individuals reported that they had experienced sexual harassment at HBES 2019 via the post-conference survey. The Grievance Committee also received reports of sexual harassment via the online report submission form on the HBES website; these involved the behavior of one individual. The Grievance Committee and the Executive Council promptly responded to these reports according to the procedures outlined in the Code of Conduct. The complainants have been notified of the proceedings.



Overall, most members find the quality of the HBES conference above average or excellent relative to other conferences they attend


Overall, most members find that HBES provides good opportunities for networking relative to other conferences they attend.


To what extent do members agree that HBES events provide environments where people are free to express their ideas, opinions, or beliefs.



To what extent do members agree that at HBES events, people have an opportunity to excel regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.