HBES Elections 2023

Attention HBES Members:

2023 is an election year for the Executive Council. We are therefore seeking suggestions for nominees for the following positions:

  • President of HBES 
  • Member-at-Large (two positions available)
  • Student Representative (must be current graduate student through spring 2025)

Please use this election nominations form to submit suggestions for any of the positions. Please be sure to indicate the First and Last Name of the person you are suggesting AND the specific position you are suggesting the person for (i.e., President, Member at Large, or Student Representative).

Suggestions for Nominees are due by February 15, 2023.

Elections Process:

  1. HBES community submits suggestions for nominees of particular positions, listed above.
  2. The Elections Committee of the HBES Executive Council will consider the HBES community suggestions and internal suggestions for positions.
  3. The Elections Committee will contact all nominees to confirm their willingness to serve if elected.
  4. The final selection of nominees for all positions will be shared with the HBES community in March 2023.
  5. HBES members will vote during March 2023. Your membership MUST be active to be eligible to vote. You can join or renew here.
  6. Results will be announced by the President of HBES
  7. New officers will assume their roles after the 2023 HBES conference.