Margo Wilson Award Runners Up (now open access)

As announced at the conference in Boise, the decision regarding the Margo Wilson Award for this year was a very difficult one. Here are three runners up for this award, all of which have now been made open access through the ehbonline web site. Congratulations to all of these authors!

Gangestad, S. W., Haselton, M. G., Welling, L. L., Gildersleeve, K., Pillsworth, E. G., Burriss, R. P., Larson, C. M., & Puts, D. A. (2016). How valid are assessments of conception probability in ovulatory cycle research? Evaluations, recommendations, and theoretical implications. Evolution and Human Behavior37(2), 85-96. [pdf]

Ross, C. T., Mulder, M. B., Winterhalder, B., Uehara, R., Headland, J., & Headland, T. (2016). Evidence for quantity–quality trade-offs, sex-specific parental investment, and variance compensation in colonized Agta foragers undergoing demographic transition. Evolution and Human Behavior37(5), 350-365. [pdf]

Syme, K. L., Garfield, Z. H., & Hagen, E. H. (2016). Testing the bargaining vs. inclusive fitness models of suicidal behavior against the ethnographic record. Evolution and Human Behavior, 37(3), 179-192. [pdf]

Rob Kurzban, Editor-in-Chief, E&HB