Meta-analysis on the effects of stake size on offers in Dictator and Ultimatum Games

We are conducting a meta-analysis on the effects of stake size on offers in Dictator and Ultimatum Games. If you have conducted a study that manipulated stake size or endowment size within Dictator or Ultimatum Games, we would be very interested in including it in our meta-analysis. We are especially interested in including any working papers or unpublished studies on stake size or endowment size.

To be included, studies must have manipulated stake size within a Dictator or Ultimatum Game, and these endowments must not have been earned (in at least one experimental condition). If you have a manuscript or working paper that you could share, we’d be very grateful if you could send it to us or send the data or the relevant means, standard deviations, and sample sizes.

If you don’t have a shareable manuscript but do have data we can include, we would greatly appreciate if you could send us either the raw data or the following information:

  • Type of game (Ultimatum, Dictator)
  • Size of small and large endowments
  • Sample sizes in each condition
  • Means and standard deviations of offers in each condition; OR some measure of effect size of stakes on offers (e.g., correlation r, Cohen’s d); OR raw numerical statistic (e.g., t-value) that we can convert to Cohen’s d
  • Any other information on study design the might affect inclusion or exclusion, or that would be included as a moderator (e.g., hypothetical stakes; repeated interactions; framing as taking rather than giving; whether responder knew stake size; priming or other experimental manipulation before the main task)

Please send any studies, data, or information to Thank you very much for helping us with this meta-analysis.