PhD Scholarship: Sydney, Australia. Could economic inequality be slowing trends toward gender equity?

UNSW, Sydney has announced the latest round of prestigious Scientia PhD scholarships ( These positions are advertised by project, and one of our projects is listed. The scholarship includes:

Stipend Au$41,209 per year for 4 years
Career development: Au$ 10,000 per year (e.g. conference travel)
Tuition fees completely covered

Title: Could economic inequality be slowing trends toward gender equity?

As wealthy Western countries have progressed toward gender equity, differences between women and men in psychological traits, and conditions like anxiety and depression have, paradoxically, increased. One intriguing possibility is that rising income inequality among men and among women has changed incentive structures leading to wider gender gaps. Currently we know little about whether women and men respond differently to inequality.

This project includes experiments (conducted in person and online) and a cross-national study in order to understand individual differences in how people respond to inequality and changing global trends in behaviour.

The candidate may have a background in evolutionary biology, psychology, behavioural ecology, anthropology, or economics. They will be committed to the empirical, theory-driven study of human behaviour and society.

Ideally they will have experience in research design and statistical analysis. Programming experience and advanced computer science skills may be useful.

The phenomena we study are often ideologically polarising, and require an ability to write and speak with clarity and nuance. Evidence of excellent writing and communication skills, in academic and/or non-academic contexts, would be ideal.

We value diversity of background and experience in our team. The cross-national nature of some of our work means experience working in a variety of cultures will be an asset.

– Scientia Professor Rob Brooks (UNSW Sydney) –
– Dr Khandis Blake (Melbourne University from July 2019) –
– Associate Professor Michael Kasumovic (UNSW Sydney) –

By 11 July 2019, you should complete the expression of interest for this project at:
These EOIs will be assessed, we will screen applicants at this time, and the two strongest expressions will receive an invitation to submit a full application to the scholarship competition.

To discuss the scheme, project and any other questions you have, please contact Rob Brooks (rob.brooks – at – via email.