PsychResearchList Resource for Students Seeking Internships, Grad School Info, and More!

Dr. Meltem Yucel is kindly sharing and reminding members of the PsychResearchList website ( This website contains various lists for paid internships, virtual graduate school information sessions, post-bac jobs, resources for applying to graduate school, International Moral Psychology List, and much more. So far over 23,000 students and faculty from 113 countries have made use of these resources.

Here are several ways you can contribute to and benefit from this website:
– If your department is offering graduate school information sessions, you can easily add your department by filling out the info session form:

– If you’re offering a paid internship, you can easily add your internship by filling out the internship form:

– If you’re a faculty member/postdoc/grad student, please consider sharing this website with the psychology majors in your department.

Thank you for all your support!