Take part in a commentary article on John Tooby quotes

– by Deb Lieberman, Editor-in-Chief, Evolution & Human Behavior

In honor of John Tooby (1952-2023) and his contributions to our field, members of HBES and invited guests are welcome to pick a quote(s) from any Tooby publication of any year and take up to 350 words to state its importance or its impact on science. The 350-word runway is firm, no matter how many quotes you pull. You need not include a discussion of the quote if you do not wish; you can simply include your favorite quotes or passages. Whatever the case, your all-in word limit including any quotes is a firm 350 words. This is to allow as many HBES members to contribute as possible.


How many submissions per scholar?

How many authors per submission?
One. Single author submissions only.

Can the same quote be used by multiple contributors?
Yes. Of all the sentences written, we are hoping there is a wealth of options. However, we also know that people will have different interpretations and comments on similar quotes. The editorial team will organize submissions.

How many references are allowed?
The only references allowed will be for the quote(s) used.

What is the word limit?
350 words. All in. Firm.

How do I submit?
Complete the form using the Qualtrics link or QR code below: https://umiami.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bgA7sgv20cJsvmm

QR code for submissions

Will the submissions be reviewed?
Yes, by members of the Editorial Board. HBES membership will be verified. Submissions from non-HBES members (or individuals who have not been personally invited by the Editor) will be rejected. If you’d like to renew your HBES membership prior to submission, visit: https://www.hbes.com/membership-join/

Where can I find all of John Tooby’s publications?
Here is a link to the Center for Evolutionary Psychology Publication list, where you can find most of John’s publications. (https://www.cep.ucsb.edu/publication/)

When are submissions due?
Submissions are due by March 31st and notification of acceptance will be rolling. The link for submissions will be disabled after this date.

When will the tribute be published?
The editorial team will collect and compile the submissions, with the aim of publishing the collection as a single on-line article in the third or fourth issue of 2024. Details will be sent to contributors.

Deb Lieberman
Editor-in-Chief, EHB