An issue of EHB

New E&HB article format: Short Reports

The official HBES journal, Evolution and Human Behavior, has created a new report format: short reports. Short reports, created in honor of John Tooby, are intended to expedite the publication of concise reports of original research. Short reports contain no more than 3000 words in the introduction, methods, results and discussion combined, an abstract of 200 words or less, and a maximum of 30 references. The introduction, only a few paragraphs in length, should state concisely the evolutionary rationale for the project (for example, the relevant selection pressure/adaptive problem and proposed behavioral/cognitive solution), a very brief description of the methods used, and specific empirical predictions. Short reports may have online-only supplements that contain full materials, supplemental tables, and details of complex methods. However, the supplement may not be used to circumvent the word count. A reviewer/reader of EHB should be able to evaluate the science of a short report solely from the main paper. Members of the Editorial Review Board and Invited Reviewers of short reports will be notified of this new format to ensure appropriate appreciation of its concise nature. Details will appear soon on the EHB website.