HBES General Funding Grant Proposals Due November 1st

HBES members:

We are soliciting proposals for the HBES General Funding Grant, which are due November 1st 2019. The General Funding Grant is intended to subsidize costs associated with hosting events such as conferences and pre-conference meetings, workshops, and other activities or educational opportunities related to the mission of HBES.

HBES will fund proposals of up to $5,500 (we do not fund honoraria).

Priority is given to proposals that:

  1. benefit junior scholars (and, especially students) either directly, through subsidizing travel and cost of attendance to events or, indirectly, through educational opportunities afforded by the funding;
  2. have a broad, wide-reaching impact; and
  3. support is not easily available through other channels.

Applicants are eligible to apply for the General Funding Grant if they are current, active members (at any level) of HBES at the time they apply for funding.

Proposals are to be submitted online. Please see the HBES funding page for complete details, and submission link.