Participant pools of 40+ researchers for study on human behavior and evolution

We are 20 researchers from varying institutions around the world (mainly Western Europe, some with access to non-WEIRD samples) who would be willing to collect data for a study that is relevant for the field of human behavior and evolution. The study could be a replication of an influential finding, or a novel study investigating a question that is of general interest to the field. It should be possible to run the study in the lab (max. 30 minutes) without any specialized equipment or software.

If you are interested in using our network to coordinate a collaborative multi-lab project, please contact Bastian Jaeger ( with the following information:

  1. a short description of the research question and hypothesis and why it is of special importance to the field,
  2. the name of the original paper (in case it is a replication),
  3. the expected length of the study, and
  4. what materials would be required.

Let me know if you have questions about our participant pools or anything else. In case multiple researchers are interested in using the available capacities, we will try to combine the studies into one study package that is administered simultaneously. Otherwise, the participating researchers will vote on which project to carry out.

*** You can also contact me if you are interested in contributing to this project by collecting data for a study proposed by somebody else ***

Aleksandra­ Szymkow, Bastian Jaeger, Ben Jones, Christoph Schild, Curtis Atkisson, Daniel Farrelly, Emily Emmott, Florian van Leeuwen, Julia Jünger, Julie Driebe, Lars Penke, Lisa DeBruine, Manpal Bhogal, Natalia Dutra, Ruben Arslan, Simon Columbus, Tanja Gerlach, Tobias Kordsmeyer, Victor Shiramizu, and Willem Sleegers.

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