PHD studentship in Macropsychology at Warwick, UK

The Bridges Programme at the University of Warwick is offering a Ph.D. studentship. The Bridges Programme aims to provide PhD students with deep knowledge of contemporary research questions in the social sciences, and rigorous training in the mathematical and computational approaches needed to answer them. This programme is open to students interested in any area of the social sciences (e.g., Economics, Psychology, Political Science, or Sociology) or mathematical sciences (e.g., Statistics, Complex Systems, or Computer Science), and who are interested in bridging the boundaries between these domains. The Trust has a particular interest in supporting UK or EU students.

This studentship is focused on macropsychology: the study of patterns of behaviour not measurable at the individual level based on the principles of macroecology and metabolic theories of behaviour. This study would make use of large-scale data sets such as twitter feeds, google searches, and large surveys. Supervisor: Corey Fincher.

More details including alternative projects and supervisors, and information on how to apply, can be found at

Application deadline: 29 July 2016.