Thanks for a Great HBES 2022!

HBES 2022 was a success!

Many thanks to:
Our hosting platform: ohyay
The hosting committee: Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair (Chair), Norman Li, Jaroslava Varella Valentova
The program committee: Bernhard Fink (Chair), Kelly Asao, Khandis Blake, Michelle Escasa-Dorne, Katrin Schaefer, Joseph Manson, Joshua Tybur
The volunteers: Tara DeLecce, Tiffany Lussier, Saeed Rezvani-Nejad, Per Helge Haakstad Larsen, Angelica Nascimento de Oliveira, Caio Silva, Lynn Tan, Kane White, Bernardo Ubaldo Seixas, Andreza Souza Tavares
The fantastic keynote and plenary speakers: Peter & Rosemary Grant (keynote), Jan Willem van Prooijen, Anne Pusey, Cas Soper, Deb Lieberman
And every other speaker and presenter!

Catch up on the HBES 2022 talks on our OSF site

Congratulations to our 2022 Organizational Awards Winners

Early Career Award: Damian Murray (Tulane University)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Douglas Kenrick (Arizona State)
Margo Wilson Award: Stella Gerdemann (Leipzig University) & Annie Wertz (Max Planck)
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Congratulations to our 2022 Conference Awards Winners

New Investigator Award: Summer Mengelkoch (Texas Christian University)

Postdoctoral Award: Scott Claessens (University of Auckland)
Best Poster Award: Ryoko Takikawa & Yasuyuki Fufukawa (Waseda University)

Announcing HBES 2023 Palm Springs

Mark your calendars: HBES 2023 is planned to be in-person in Palm Springs, California, from May 31 – June 3. Hope to see you there!
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