The 4th Brazilian Meeting on Evolution of Human Behavior

The 4th Brazilian Meeting on Evolution of Human Behavior is an international conference between the 17th and 21st of October 2022. The event will be held in English, with the exception of 11 basic and advanced short courses aimed at undergraduate and graduate Brazilian students, held by researchers from all over Brazil in Portuguese.

  Next, the congress will consist of 5 plenary talks: Dr. Edward Hagen (USA), Dr. Maryanne Fisher (Canada), Dr. Justin Mogilski (USA), Dr. Ana Maria Fernandez (Chile), e Dr. Dennis Werner (Brazil). Some of the invited speakers will further participate in a symposium specifically on sexuality from the evolutionary perspective.

Another highly important symposium aimed at feminist perspective in evolutionary psychology will be held by a representative of the Feminist Evolutionary Psychology Society, together with the Brazilian collective “Maria Emília – (R)evolutionary Women”. It will also include the discussion about the importance of women on the evolution of bipedalism. Another symposium about Parental Investment will include researchers from Federal University of Espírito Santo and University of São Paulo. Finally, a team of professors from the University of São Paulo will offer a symposium on Comparative Study of Development, focusing on environmental effects.

Find out more about our speakers and symposia in the tabs above. The conference will be further divided into approximately five thematic oral sessions and one poster session. Thus, consider submitting your presentation, be an active part of this program and let everybody know about your research!

The venue, Sao Paulo, is the largest city in South America, offering a taste of all of Brazil in one place, with its cosmopolitan life, unforgettable cultural events, enormous gastronomic variety, all kinds of museums, aquarium, zoo, parks, theaters, municipal markets, historical center and skyscrapers, and even some indigenous cultures.

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