17th Annual Evolutionary Psychology Preconference at SPSP

We would like to invite you to attend the 17th Annual Evolutionary Psychology Preconference at SPSP this year. This year will feature a truly fantastic line-up of speakers: Steven Gangestad, Coren Apicella, Jennifer Byrd-Craven, Michael Varnum, Annie Wertz, and Adar Eisenbruch.

NEW THIS YEAR, we also welcome evolutionary psychologists from Facebook for an informal break-out lunch session on evolutionary research in industry.

We are now accepting submissions for data blitz talks and posters until November 1. Researchers at any level are welcome to submit. Submit via our homepage.

Come join us as a guest or presenter! Undergraduates, graduate students, and now postdoctoral scholars will receive a $20 discount on registration using code “19EvoStu20“, and faculty will receive a $10 discount on registration using code “19EvoAll10“, thanks to the Human Behavior and Evolution Society.)

Any questions? Just ask!

Jaimie Arona Krems (jaimie.krems@okstate.edu) & Eric Pedersen (Eric.J.Pedersen@colorado.edu)