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Fully-Funded PhD Position at University of Zurich on Hunter-Gatherer Tool Use & Culture

Fully-funded PhD position at University of Zurich on hunter-gatherer tool use & culture We are offering a 4-year PhD position in the Ape Behaviour & Ecology Group of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Zurich (www.apegroup-uzh.com) to study hunter-gatherer material culture in Central Africa. The PhD candidate will work within the Comparative Human […]

Which Factors Best Explain Variance in Human Reproduction and Mating?

By Martin Fieder   Evolutionary biology has always been interested in the question, which individual traits influence how many children we have, and how much each of these traits contributes to it. As nearly every trait has to some extent a genetical basis, together with the progeny also the genes that are associated with any […]

Men and Women Desire Some Different Features in Their Friends

By Jessica Ayers, Jaimie Krems, & Keelah Williams   We often focus our finite time, interest, and even research energy on mating and kin relationships rather than friendships. But across evolutionary history, friends have provided important benefits and helped us solve recurrent adaptive problems. For example, our ancestors’ friends helped them acquire resources, gain status, […]

The High Price of Low Status in Human Rituals

By Dimitris Xygalatas   What do peacocks and humans have in common? I suppose there may be other possible answers to this question, but one feature they do share is the use of extravagant, apparently senseless traits as a means of transmitting important information. When such transmission is beneficial to both senders and receivers, those […]

The Evolution of Mental Health Disorders Roundtable Event on Feb 28th

We hope you will join us for the Roundtable Seminar Series event Monday, February 28th 2021 at 12:00 – 1:15 pm EST where Drs. Simon Baron-Cohen, Kristen Syme, Matthew Keller & Bernard Crespi will engage in discussion, moderated by Dr. Ed Hagen on the topic, “The Evolution of Mental Health Disorders”. We’re looking forward to […]

Funded Post-Doc Position at UNSW Sydney

Postdoc Position – UNSW Sydney – Effects of Inequality on Behaviours Relates to Sex and Gender We are looking to appoint a postdoc for 2.25 years to work with us on an Australian Research Council funded project – “How Inequalities affect attitudes and behaviours concerning sex and gender”. The work includes online experiments and may […]

Fully-Funded PhD Position in the Evolution Lab at University of Melbourne

A fully-funded PhD position (~$30K p.a.) is available in the Evolution Lab at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences (https://psychologicalsciences.unimelb.edu.au/research/msps-research-groups/evo/lab). Supervised by Dr Khandis Blake, the PhD position commences in 2022. The living allowance is indexed annually and includes limited paid sick leave, maternity and parenting leave. The PhD position is part of ARC DECRA […]

HBES 2022 is Going Virtual

Dear HBES community, The HBES Council and HBES 2022 Host Committee have made the very difficult decision to move our 2022 conference to a fully online format. We have come to this decision based on the following: Feedback from our members in our recent survey showing a 50/50 split of responding members reporting they were […]

Sign Up for the Evo Early Career Writing Group

A virtual writing group is being organized by Stacey Makhanova for early career evolutionary psychologists and evolutionary scientists more broadly who want some external motivation to get writing done and an opportunity to network (and commiserate) with people in similar career stages. For this group, “early career” means assistant professors, post-docs, and graduate students at […]