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2020 Margo Wilson Award Winner

In 2009, the Publications Committee of HBES initiated an annual award for the best paper in each volume of Evolution and Human Behavior, “The Margo Wilson Award.” The award carries a cash prize of $1,500, and the winning paper is chosen by the Editorial Board of Evolution and Human Behavior.   This year, the competition […]

A Letter from the Editor, Deb Lieberman

Dear HBES Members, It has been a busy summer at Evolution and Human Behavior and I am pleased to provide you with several updates.   EHB Special Issues Currently at EHB, we are working on the publication of two special issues. The first special issue, organized by Joe Henrich, Coren Apicella, and Ara Norenzayan, examines […]

HBES Volunteer Coordinators Needed

We are looking for 2-3 postdoctoral researchers or graduate students to organize a new HBES Virtual Roundtable Discussion Series. Responsibilities include organizing, promoting (in coordination with the Communications Officer), and introducing each event. This is a great networking opportunity and comes with free HBES membership.   Interested persons should send an email to Coren Apicella […]

Change in Hormonal Contraceptive, Change in Heart?

by Juliana French & Andrea Meltzer   140 million. That’s how many women world-wide are estimated to use hormonal contraceptives such as The Pill. The main function of hormonal contraceptives (and a leading reason for why so many women use them) is to decrease the likelihood of conception. But through administering synthetic hormones to achieve […]

Calculating Mate Value: A “Weighty” Task

By Gary Brase, Sydni Huxman & Jordann Brandner   Most of the time, you can only have one. Whether it is a college, a car, a home, or a relationship partner, people make difficult decisions about which options to pursue and which to not pursue. A big part of what makes these decisions difficult is […]

3-year Post-doc Opportunity at Aarhus University

The Department of Political Science at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University, invites applications for a 3-year postdoctoral position offering applicants an exciting opportunity to join a research project with a focus on political hostility on social media. Applications are due September 16, 2020. The starting date is January 2021 or subject to mutual agreement. The research […]

HBES Funding Grants Solicited for Oct 1 Deadline

The HBES Executive Council is now soliciting funding applications from HBES members for an October 1, 2020 deadline.   Two grants are available for this round of funding: 1. General Funding Grant, which is intended to subsidize costs associated with hosting events such as conferences and pre-conference meetings, workshops, and other activities or educational opportunities […]

Early Career (Evolutionary) Writing Group!

Early Career (Evolutionary) Writing Group!   Are you an early career HBES member feeling socially distanced from your evolutionary psychology peers? Would you like some external motivation to get writing done?   A virtual writing group is being organized by Stacey Makhanova. Assistant professors, post-docs, and graduate students at the dissertation stage are welcome to […]

PhD Position at Nations Museum of Natural History, Paris, France

Thesis: body piercing and past human migrations Phd thesis proposal: National museum of natural history, Paris, France   Recommended background: archaeology, or anthropology, or human population Genetics   Lab: Eco-Anthropologie Umr 7206, Musée De L’homme, Paris, France Duration: 3 years (starting fall 2020) Supervisors: Franz Manni and Evelyne Heyer Net salary: 1,400 euro Contact email: […]

Helping Behavior is Non-Zero-Sum

by Michael Ent   In the television show Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls would venture into inhospitable areas attempting to show viewers how one could survive alone in the wilderness. Few people would be enthusiastic about following in his footsteps. This reluctance is partly because humans generally rely on help from others to fulfill even […]