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A Letter From the Incoming President, Dave Schmitt

HBES is a scholarly community, for many of us it is our academic home away from home. And just like most communities around the world, ours has faced considerable challenges over the past two years. In this message, I want to express my gratitude to those who helped effectively maneuver HBES through unprecedented times, especially […]

There is Nobody Quite Like Grandma

by Ilona Nenko   From an early age, many of us learn that our grandmothers are invaluable in our lives. Their experiences, help, and knowledge can shape us into who we are today, and their influence stretches far beyond simple stereotypes. Grandmothers have long held a special place in almost every culture, and the human […]

Making Simple Decisions in a Complex Social World

by Pieter van den Berg   We all know humans are social animals. So it makes sense that much of our psychology is geared towards analyzing social situations and choosing appropriate actions for them. This social psychology has to work in a complex and messy world. Every social interaction is different, involving different parties with […]

Mismatched Sugar High

by Richard Johnson, William Wilson, Sondra Bland & Miguel Lanaspa   How does sugar effect our behavior in modern environments? Here we present the hypothesis that fructose, which is present in added sugars such as table sugar (sucrose) and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), may have a role in behavioral disorders associated with impulsivity and […]

Prof Bridget Waller Seeking 3-yr Funded PhD Student on Facial Expressivity Project

We are seeking applications for a 3-year full-time PhD student to work on human facial expressivity and social relationships. The PhD will be supervised by Professor Bridget Waller as part of ERC Consolidator Project FACEDIFF ‘Individual differences in facial expressivity: Social function, facial anatomy and evolutionary origins’. FACEDIFF is a five-year project examining individual differences […]

ECR Funded 2-yr Post-Doc at Peace Research Institute Oslo

The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) invites applications for a two-year, full-time Postdoc position in human coalitional aggression within the project Adapted to War (AWAR), funded by the European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant). The position provides an opportunity to work in a leading international research institute, located in Norway’s capital city, as part of […]

Early Career Writing Group for Evolutionary Scientists — Sign up!

Early Career Writing Group! A virtual writing group is being organized by Stacey Makhanova for early career evolutionary psychologists and evolutionary scientists more broadly who want some external motivation to get writing done and an opportunity to network (and commiserate) with people in similar career stages. For this group, “early career” means assistant professors, post-docs, […]

Call for Data: Meta-Analysis on Personality, Intelligence, Physical Size, and Social Status

Michael Grosz, Robbie van Aert, and Mitja Back are currently conducting a meta-analysis on correlations of personality traits, cognitive abilities, physical size with social status in face-to-face groups (including social influence, attention, admiring respect, popularity, and leadership emergence). Inclusion criteria: •We include only studies with groups that had face-to-face contact. •We include studies that measured […]

UCLA Event: Community Involvement & Representation(s) in Biological Anthropology: A Panel Discussion on April 23

What do biological anthropologists owe to their research participants? How do we reckon with the biases that have characterized our field from its inception? The UCLA Biological Anthropology DEI Graduate Group, in collaboration with the UCLA Center for Behavior, Evolution, and Culture is pleased to present “Community Involvement and Representation(s) in Biological Anthropology” on 4/23 […]